Every Action

Quality in Every Action Equals Quality in Every Person and Product

All three MtronPTI design and manufacturing sites are ISO9001:2015 certified with, the Orlando and Yankton sites having AS9100 Rev D certification.

Quality by design

MtronPTI specializes in frequency control and spectrum control solutions for high reliability, harsh environment and real-time applications. There is little room for error here – whether helping to keep data flowing from a remote cellular base station or coordinating and protecting our troops abroad. Thermal modeling, extensive Design of Experiments, and exhausting prototype evaluations help make the designs robust, before the product is manufactured.

Source qualification

Raw materials such as crystal bases, oscillator headers, capacitors, diodes and manufactured crystals are tested to ensure that each element meets industry and client specified requirements. MtronPTI's finished product manufactured at contract factories are subjected to the same qualification requirements. Frequent factory audits ensure continued compliance.

Manufacturing quality

MtronPTI takes a continuous improvement approach to manufacturing systems and procedures. Rapid process feedback loops, lean manufacturing, and demand flow technology work together to provide right product at the right time, on specification. Statistical techniques analyze and improve process capability and continually improve process control techniques.

A Quality future

MtronPTI continues to refine products and processes in order to offer you a competitive advantage. Committed to satisfaction in every phase, we actively seek your comment and opinion. Visit the factories and share your insights. Together we’ll improve the products and services delivered to your clients and improve ourselves a bit along the way.