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Senior Design Engineer Michael Adkins

October 02, 2017

MtronPTI Announces Addition of Senior Design Engineer Michael Adkins
Design Capabilities Strengthened for Cavity and Waveguide Microwave Filters and Switched Filter Banks

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MtronPTI announces M1380 and M1381 Series

September 05, 2017

High Shock Resistance Through Hole Crystal

Suitable for applications that require a wide temperature range (-55 to 125°C) and high shock (5000 g) environment. 
Product is in a hermetically sealed miniature ceramic through hole package and can be processed with wave or re-flow soldering.


Key Features:

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GPS L1 and L2 Band Ceramic Filters

March 22, 2017

      MtronPTI’s L1 and L2 band ceramic filters are designed for use on L1 and L2 GPS receivers. When placed in-line between the GPS receiver and the antenna, these filters provide a minimum of 27 dB attenuation outside of the GPS band.  This an effective way to reduce interference from other communication devices that interfere with the GPS signal in your application.

     Our filters are targeted towards industrial and commercial applications involving L1 and L2 GPS bands. Filters are manufactured using High-Q Ceramic Resonators to achieve low insertion loss. 

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Gull-Wing Capability

March 03, 2017

Gull-wing lead attach for 5x7mm CMOS Oscillators

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