MtronPTI Introduces TCXO timing solution for Synchronous Ethernet

MtronPTI Introduces TCXO timing solution for Synchronous Ethernet

November 06, 2012

ORLANDO, FL, November 6, 2012 – MtronPTI, world leader in custom frequency control and filter products, announced the MtronPTI’s M610x-SYNCE Series TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator), supporting Internet Communications Technology (ICT) Stratum 3 Synchronous Ethernet applications.

Mel Mehret, MtronPTI data communications application engineer, says, “To cope with the data appetite of 4G smart phones, the industry is migrating to Carrier Ethernet based networks. This raises a challenge because traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) networks are synchronous while Ethernet is asynchronous. To allow network operators to use high data rate Ethernet, keep voice communication real-time and deliver smooth video, the SyncE standard was developed to extend SONET/SDH synchronous timing to high speed Ethernet networks.”

A SyncE network is based on clock accuracy. The network card designer needs to depend on his local clock for low wander, long holdover and low drift. These parameters can be difficult to achieve and verify. Continues Mr. Mehret, “The M610x-SYNCE Series is the ideal solution for SyncE slave clocks: meeting ITU-T G.8262 EEC option 1 & 2 and Stratum 3 GR-1244-Core & GR-253-Core requirements. We completely specify, test and certify the M610x-1588 to perform, reducing time to market risk for the network designer.” (See figures)

“The M610x-SYNCE series TCXO further expands MtronPTI’s network timing product offering”, according to Dick Thompson, MtronPTI’s VP Sales. “Designed, built, tested, and guaranteed to speed your design into service and keep your clients connected. Faster.”

M610x-SYNCE is available immediately for applications including SyncE slave clocks, Sonet/SDH network timing, microwave point–to–point and point–to–multipoint communications.

The datasheet may be found under Downloads area.

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